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Foreigner loans are designed for foreigners who are in need of financial support. This is especially crucial when you are new to the country or you are relocating with your family and you need the funds to settle in. A local address and employment are required for application.

As non-citizens and foreigners residing in Singapore, there are many unexpected issues that may arise and require more money to deal with various circumstances. From high rental deposits to relocation fees, it can be easy to encounter financial difficulties. Being in another country than your own is daunting enough – you don’t need the financial anxiety and lack of funds to affect your stay here.


You may not know anyone to seek help from and it may be difficult to access financing from banks – they have set criteria that may be quite stringent. Thus, we aim to make our foreigner loan application less demanding and hassle-free as possible with our own requirements. You can get the extra financial help you need to tide over the storm without the long waiting process.

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At QuickLoan Pte Ltd, our foreigner loans are granted to non-citizens and foreigners in Singapore who are in need of financial support. Whether you are working as an expatriate or are on a work permit, getting financial help is essential especially when you are new to the country. This can also help you to relocate your family here and settle in smoothly.


It is crucial to access loans from licensed money lenders, like QuickLoan Pte Ltd, which ensures the loan is authorized and standards set by the Ministry of Law are being met. This will also give you a peace of mind and safeguard yourself with fair interest rates and reasonable loan terms that you understand.


You will need to have a local address and place of employment before applying. Our loan packages are customizable so you can be sure you will find the best financial solution for you. Get in touch with us online for a free consultation so our financial expects can understand your situation and advise accordingly to your unique needs.

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