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Singapore is the most expensive city to live in in the world. With the constant need to juggle the high costs of living, you may find yourself stuck in a financial rut. There may also be times where you need the extra cash to relief the stress of your tight financial situation. Regardless of the reason, QuickLoan Pte Ltd is here to ease your monetary woes, presenting you with the best personal loan plans for foreigners in Singapore. 


At QuickLoan Pte Ltd, we strive to help everyone achieve a stable financial footing and that includes you. With no requirements of duration of residency in the country, all work pass holders or long-term dependency pass holders residing in Singapore can apply for our foreigner loan. With us, everyone has an opportunity to attain the financial support they need.


Unlike traditional financial institutes like banks, a licensed moneylender in Singapore like QuickLoan Pte Ltd is highly flexible and efficient in offering loan plans for foreigners due to our personalized approach to each of our customers. We simplify the application process and make obtaining fast cash more straightforward and convenient. Our professionals will ensure that your loan is customised according to your needs and priorities. Furthermore, we keep our interest rates fair to allow for a comfortable repayment period.


Living away from your home country is tough, but we are here to make it easier for you.  Overcome the high cost of living today. Book a free consultation with the best moneylender in Singapore so that you can get an extensive loan to guarantee your financial stability.

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